The only required prop is steps with an array of steps. Below is the complete list of possible props and options:

▶︎ indicates the default value if there's one. You can check the definition of the type for the props [here](

beaconComponent ElementType<BeaconRenderProps> A React component to use instead of the default Beacon. Check custom components for details.

callback () => CallBackProps A function to be called when Joyride's state changes. It returns a single parameter with the state.

continuous boolean ▶︎ false The tour is played sequentially with the Next button.

debug boolean ▶︎ false Log Joyride's actions to the console.

disableCloseOnEsc boolean ▶︎ false Disable closing the tooltip on ESC.

disableOverlay boolean ▶︎ false Don't show the overlay.

disableOverlayClose boolean ▶︎ false Don't close the tooltip when clicking the overlay.

disableScrolling boolean ▶︎ false Disable autoscrolling between steps.

disableScrollParentFix boolean ▶︎ false Disable the fix to handle "unused" overflow parents.

floaterProps Partial<FloaterProps> Options to be passed to react-floater.

getHelpers () => StoreHelpers Get the store methods to control the tour programmatically. prev, next, go, close, skip, reset, info.

hideBackButton boolean ▶︎ false Hide the Back button.

hideCloseButton boolean ▶︎ false Hide the Close button.

locale Locale ▶︎ { back: 'Back', close: 'Close', last: 'Last', next: 'Next', open: 'Open the dialog', skip: 'Skip' } The strings used in the tooltip.

nonce string A nonce value for inline styles (Content Security Policy - CSP)

run boolean ▶︎ true Run/stop the tour.

scrollDuration number ▶︎ 300 The duration for scroll to element.

scrollOffset number ▶︎ 20 The scroll distance from the element scrollTop value.

scrollToFirstStep boolean ▶︎ false Scroll the page for the first step.

showProgress boolean ▶︎ false Display the tour progress in the next button, 2/5, in continuous tours.

showSkipButton boolean ▶︎ false Display a button to skip the tour.

spotlightClicks boolean ▶︎ false Allow mouse and touch events through the spotlight. You can click links in your app.

spotlightPadding number ▶︎ 10 The padding of the spotlight.

stepIndex number Setting a number here will turn Joyride into controlled mode.

You'll have to keep an internal state and update it with the events in the callback.

Do not use this if you don't need it.

steps Array<Step> - required The tour's steps. Check the step docs for more information.

styles Partial<Styles> Override the styling of the Tooltip

tooltipComponent ElementType<TooltipRenderProps> A React component to use instead of the default Tooltip. Check custom components for details.

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