Create awesome tours for your app!

Showcase your app to new users or explain the functionality of new features.

It uses react-floater for positioning and styling. You can also use your own components.

Open the demo Open GitHub repo


npm i react-joyride

Getting Started

import React, { useState } from 'react';
import Joyride from 'react-joyride';

 * If your steps are not dynamic you can use a simple array.
 * Otherwise you can set it as a state inside your component.
const steps = [
    target: '.my-first-step',
    content: 'This is my awesome feature!',
    target: '.my-other-step',
    content: 'This another awesome feature!',

export default function App() {
  // If you want to delay the tour initialization you can use the `run` prop
  return (
      <Joyride steps={steps} />

To support legacy browsers, include the scrollingelement polyfill.

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